Why do I feel passionate about self-love?
Because I know it works.

Holistic self-love has worked wonders for me:

  • I overcame deep self-loathing depression and have transformed.
  • Now I enjoy my life, shine my light, and serve others passionately.
  • I discovered my gifts, and shaped my career around healing.

(and I still practice on the daily –the healing journey continues!)

Perhaps YOU resonate with elements of my story:

Photo by Erica J Mitchell
  • After an intense verbal abuse situation, I endured years of self-deprecation and criticism. A self-judgment junkie. 
  • I was always wrong, bad, too much, too little, according to my inner critic. It was miserable and lonely.
  • With such low energy and esteem, I was unable to do meaningful work.

Still, I kept my chin up.
I had to rise!
I learned ways to:

  • Compassionately respond to struggles, cultivating them as learning opportunities.
  • Actively care for and heal my mind, body, and spirit, holistically.
  • Forgive my past and envision my greater future.
  • Trust what I love, give my unique gifts, and create life’s work that feels like play, only more fulfilling.

This was only possible with a vast network of healers, mentors, coaches, teachers, friends, Spirit, and the magic of serendipity.

learned, took action, practiced, played, sang, struggled, and succeeded until I harvested the gold within my wound — a joyful, rich life — and now I love to share this treasure.

Today I live:

  • Freely empowered to express myself.
  • Filled with inspiration, resourcefulness, and possibility.
  • My body healthy, mind peaceful, and heart happy.
  • Aware of the perfection in my human imperfection
  • Replaced unrealistic expectations with exciting possibilities.
  • Brave in accepting challenges, and always do my best…
    • Still make mistakes, just roll with them.
    • Have many successes, and celebrate them.

Life is so good on this side! And you can come here too.

From Spencer L :
“I'm reflecting on how powerful your healing session was for me. I was able to put in new programming on a deep layer. And, getting a private concert was magical. You have such a beautiful voice!
I think something shifted in me that allowed me to put into words what I was feeling towards my partner. I think your work helped me to stand in my power and communicate my feelings and needs more fully.”

What's possible
for the best version of you?