Are you fed up with the loud-mouthed bully…
who happens to live inside your mind?

You know, the one who calls you lazy, uptight, crazy, not good enough, unlovable, and all manner of nonsense?
The inner critic….
Yep, I know, we all have one.

But for some of us it gets really, really mean.

Like most folks you probably have that side of the psyche that:

  • Judges everything “wrong” with you and your life.
  • Drains your energy, ambition, belief in yourself.
  • Ruins relaxation by demanding you “do, do, do.”
  • Holds you back by fearing failure, success, the unknown.

Exhausting, isn’t it?


Nothing is an accident...
Nothing you could do is a mistake
Nor out of place

How about this: You are doing it right!

You’re ready for and capable of tremendous growth.

Can you imagine a life FREE from:

  • Self critical and limiting beliefs…
  • Worries and negative spirals…
  • Regret, grudges, resentments…
  • Mental, emotional, physical stress?

My friend, if you can imagine this freedom, then you can create it.

Be yourself
Take your time
You're closer than you think
Open your eyes


It is entirely possible to shift old mental/emotional patterns and to create a reality of empowered joy, where you love who you are.

Not only possible. You can have FUN as you:

  • Follow your intuition, wiser than your brain alone.
  • Motivate yourself with kindness, not criticism.
  • Replenish your body and mind with peaceful energy.
  • Enjoy renewed enthusiasm and playfulness.

Being in loving relationship with yourself is a path. And you’re close.

See the light that’s already HERE, not just after the tunnel.

Listen now:
Everything you choose to do
Is the right thing for you
Don't be surprised.

You can only do it right.

So will you give yourself a gift — to choose your freedom?

To take back the power from your inner bully and give it to your inner wise caring friend?

With the right support, you can do this and so much more.

Just be trusting of where you are now
And be loving of who you are now

Yes, answers can be that simple.

First fill yourself with love, and trust that your path is right.

And you will co-create real improvements in your life –relationships, health, business, dreams, happiness. Yes to all of it!

From Tara R :
“Lulu's guidance has given me new tools for supporting and nourishing myself emotionally that I am using every day and they are building this incredible resilience that I have never felt before.
People have noticed how much happier I am.
I knew I had a mean inner critic who was torturing me but I didn’t know how to stop it or counter it. Affirmations didn’t really do a lot for me. This really worked. It really has changed everything.”

What's possible
for the best version of you?