LuLUV Healing

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Welcome here, human...

My Name is Lulu and I'll Be The Guide on Your Journey Here...

Here is a Song for You:

Everything is going…
Everything is going just the way it goes
The River flows

  • You have followed the river of life, here.
  • You feel that you are led to what you seek.
  • But some things go far differently than hoped or planned …

Listen now:
Everything that was and will ever be
Is happening now,
Within all these planes of reality

I encourage you, whether it’s easy or difficult, to trust that…

  • This is happening for your highest good.
    • (So is everything that did and might yet happen.)
  • This storyline you are on is the right one for you.
  • Amidst all of the chaos inside and outside…You have SO MANY possibilities, here, now, to create a joyful life.
    • Do you believe it?

So be grateful
Be so grateful

Express gratitude, and awe for life, because:

  • You are in the flow. Open up and go with it!
  • You have more power, beauty, freedom, talent, value, insight, and more reason to shine than you probably realize.
  • Every challenge, past and present, has stretched you,
    • grown you,
      • taught you, and
        • brought you
          • right where you need to be.
        • Right here.
  • You are ready. You are here to feel, be, and do your full ALIVENESS.

Now cut what holds you back, develop new wings, and fly your way!

What's possible
for the best version of you?