You came seeking relief from a torturous inner critic…

You would like a little more peace, fun, and playfulness already…

…am I right?


I am here for you.



Lulu Mosman is a Life Coach, Energy Healer and Singer who lives by example of positive energy and joy. 

Having overcome an intense period of depression through holistic healing focused on self-love, she brings experiential wisdom to her clients. Her coaching style is both playful and productive, as well as musical.

In person Lulu offers a special modality of Song Healing Reiki where she channels Reiki Energy while singing intentional songs for the recipient to soothe emotional memories and ease tension in the body.

Lulu is certified as a Path of Self Love guide, Reiki Level II practitioner, Yoga Teacher (200 Hr), and Integrated Movement Therapy practitioner. She has years of study in Mindful Self Compassion, therapeutic music, and other body-mind-spirit healing modalities.

Other joys of Lulu’s life include recording music with friends, healthy eating, hiking and exploring nature, ecstatic dance, yoga, weightlifting, and all things beautiful.

My Mission is:

Turning Inner Bullies into
Inner Best Friends.

Because when you FEEL better about yourself,
you can DO better in the world.

LuLUV Healing supports your whole self by providing:

Dynamic 1:1 Life Coaching

Personalized life coaching for dreamers & entrepreneur types.

    • Support to make peace with your inner critic and be a better friend to yourself.
    • Heal from the heart-side out and enjoy a happier life.

Song Healing Reiki

Reiki Energy Healing infused with live singing and soothing music

  • Featuring custom enlightened lullabies that speak to your heart.
  • Bring your body, emotions, and memories into a state of renewal and comfort.

Interactive Workshops

Interactive workshops to apply
self-love to life and work.

  • Fun and practical tools for less self-doubt, more confidence, less stress, and more joy every day.
  • Play conceptual games that make a serious difference.

Positive Music Recordings

Positive music to uplift
thoughts and emotions.

    • Inspiring replacements for negative thoughts and music.
    • Learn wisdom songs, sing with a group, or listen to LuLUV’s recorded music.
From Britta H :
"Lulu helped me begin my journey in developing a reciprocal and communicative relationship with my body. She taught me movement practices that facilitated conversation between my body and my mind, which in turn illuminated areas in my life that needed more of my attention and action.
I continue to use these practices a year later and have grown immensely through the care and guidance that Lulu provided me in a time of need."

What's possible
for the best version of you?